Monday, March 28, 2011

Twitter Auto-Follow? Why bother ...

I found something new today. You can get programs which will automatically "follow" anyone who "follows" you on Twitter. And there are companies which will guarantee you 1000 followers in 24 hours. My question is, why bother?

What you need are QUALITY followers ... those who will actually read you tweets or visit your website. They will be the ones who re-tweet some of your posts or visit your website to buy something. Without quality followers, you might just as well tweet yourself.

Twitter helps improve word-of-mouth-advertising, consumer trust, and is a great way to actively engage and interact with customers (or potential customers). The key words here are "engage" and "interact". After all, the is social media ...

I would suggest not worrying about the actual number of people following you, but instead worry about the number of people following you who are actually interested in what you do and offer.

Try this for a change ... whenever you recieve a like, actually visit the person's website, and, if you like the site, tweet with with a "thank you" and a comment saying you like their site or products. Include your website link in your post.  If you cannot find anything to compliment them on, why would you follow them?

The best way to attract and keep new followers is with quality tweets. If you offer a great new item, tweet about it. But do you really need to send ten different tweets in a row because the item is available in ten colors?

Bottom line ... treat your followers as friends, offer quality content, and pay attention to what they are tweeting about. Avoid the numbers game.

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