Monday, October 10, 2011

SEO Hint: Is your website TITLE tag optimized?

Your web page TITLE tag is a critical item which can impact your search engine keyword position. If you look at the HTML code of your web page, the TITLE is in the upper <HEAD> section, and will look like this:
<TITLE>Page Title Here</TITLE>
Keyword position: Many search engines, such as Google, often use the text contained in the tag to determine your web site theme and important key terms. If there is a term you really desire great keyword position, it needs to appear in the TITLE tag.

Search engine listing: Many search engines use the TITLE tag in the linked text portion of your search engine listings. Thus potential customers see this text highlighted on the results page. Your TITLE must grab the reader's attention and entice them to click upon your listing.

Social media impact: Many webmasters use "plugins" which allow visitors to recommend a web page to their friends on social media. By simply clicking a button, your page can appear on the visitor's Facebook or Twitter wall or stream - even if you do not use that social media platform. The post will include a title for your website based upon your TITLE tag. Many surfers use a toolbar (such as with Google) which allow users to recommend a web page even if it does not have a social plugin installed on the page. Again, the TITLE provides the post headline.
Too many webmasters have never set up the TITLE tag which often are in the default state of "Home Page". Even if you were to be ranked #1 on Google for an important key term, how many shoppers will click on a link which simply says "Home Page" with no clue what the site is about. Or, someone recommends your web page to their 25,000 followers, and all they see is "Home Page". Lost opportunities!

Use this tag and optimize it. Keep in mind the maximum length is about 63 characters. Normally it should include your actual business name, but REALLY needs to include your most important key phrase for the page. Hopefully, your targeted key phrase is one for which you do not face a ton of competition. Also, each page of your website should have a unique TITLE.

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